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Watch Texas Car Wars, Episode 7 live stream 18 Oct, 2012

Texas Car Wars – Episode 7

Date: Thu, October 18, 2012
Air time: 10:00 PM
TV Network: Discovery

Watch Texas Car Wars Episode 7 Season 1 Episode 7 on internet tv. This tv serie will be aired on Discovery at Wed, September 05, 2012 05:00 PM. You must see this episode, so remember the aired date guys. Running time about 60 minutes. Gentlemen, start your engines and let the auction begin! Discovery Channel travels deep in the heart of Texas and into the fast-paced world of auto-flipping. Watch as four, extremely competitive auto body shops engage in full-on bidding wars to find the most valuable jalopies and turn them into resell jackpots. The new eight-episode, one-hour series TEXAS CAR WARS premieres on Thursday, September 6th at 10PM ET/PT.

Austin, Texas, one of the car auction hot spots of the U.S., is where the junk cars of yesteryear get a last chance to hit the road. The world of auto-flipping is a risky business and the stakes are high as each auto body shop faces off in auction showdowns. The teams only have 10 minutes to do the most basic inspection, but they are not allowed to start the cars. Will the cars have workable engines? Will the buyers discover a hidden gem? Or will they go broke before they even reach their auto garage? Watch as one man’s junk, truly becomes another man’s treasure. Stay tune with us, if you want to watch another tv series.

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October 18th, 2012



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