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Watch online Taboo, Episode Ugly 22 Jul, 2012

TV Show Taboo – Ugly

Date: Sun, July 22, 2012
Air time: 10:00 pm
TV Network: National Geographic

Watch Taboo Ugly Season 9 Episode 6 on tv. This episode will be shown on National Geographic at Friday, 31 January, 2003 05:00 PM. You must see this tv serie, so remember the aired date guys. Duration of this episode is only 60 minutes. Taboo shines a light on where the beauty/ugly dichotomy originates from, and what it means to be deemed “ugly” in a society that scorns it. Taboo is a documentary television series appearing on the National Geographic Channel. The series is an educational look into rituals, and traditions practiced in some societies yet forbidden, and illegal in others.

Each hour long episode details a specific topic, such as marriage or initiation rituals, and explores how such topics are viewed throughout the world. Taboo generally focuses on extreme viewpoints; in the sense that they are the most misunderstood, despised, or disagreed upon in the world. Okay guys, don’t miss this episode, because it will be very good and full of interesting entertainment.

Taboo Ugly

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July 21st, 2012



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