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Watch online American Restoration, 3 Oct, 2012

American Restoration –

Date: 03 October, 2012
Air time: 10:00 PM
TV Network: History

Watch American Restoration Season 2 Episode 31 on local tv. This tv show will be shown on History at Friday, July 29, 2011 05:00 PM. You must see this episode, so remember the aired date guys. Starring Brettly, Kowboy, Kyle , Rick Dale, Ron Dale, Tyler Dale. Duration of this tv show is only 30 minutes. AMERICAN RESTORATION features Rick Dale and his crew of loose screws at Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas, Nevada, as they take rusty, beat-up items and restore them to their original glory. Whether it’s a giant gas pump from the 1940s or a Hopalong Cassidy bicycle from the 1950s, every restoration is a high-stakes business project where worthless rust is transformed into a valuable collectible. However, these restorations aren’t easy. Every project presents unique challenges for Rick and his team, who develop inventive processes to finish each job flawlessly and on time. From old gas carts to timeless slot machines, the items Rick restores are part of the fabric that makes up American culture. Things just aren’t made like they used to be, but at Rick’s Restorations, old becomes new again. Okay guys, don’t miss this Documentary tv show, because it will be very good and full of interesting entertainment.

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American Restoration

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October 3rd, 2012


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